Club members (players)

They are the newest additions to the club, although it really isn’t clear why they chose this club; curiosity or masochism? In any case they are making themselves familiar with the place and the environment with all its strengths and weaknesses, especially the latter. Anyone who thinks they may recognize something of the creators of this strip is on the wrong track!



Club president

He is also the owner of the land on which the golf club has been built. In the past he was a rather unscrupulous building speculator. He carried out this activity with friends in the foreign legion (see: Cassoulet). It seems that he returned suddenly to the continent bringing with him a conspicuous nest egg. The cash was used to buy the land. The land was sold to him as building land by an evidently smarter guy. Once the smart guy disappeared Cup was left with a totally useless piece of land. So, in a ramshackle way and by attracting lenders by a variety of false promises, he set up the nine holes. Cup is shamelessly greedy and also an expert liar. It is rumoured that he is having an affair with the club secretary.



Club secretary

A brassy beauty who follows the direct instructions of the president. She takes responsibility for numerous small scams aimed at bringing as much cash as possible into the club. Moreover, she seems to be on very familiar terms with Monsieur Cup.



Responsible for the Proshop

Anghela was the manager of a women’s college in Northern Europe for years. Rumour has it that she fell in love with Cup and devotedly followed him to Scrubland’s – a love never reciprocated. Here she found her mission in managing the proshop. Hard and inflexible, she works, like Ms Morgan for the glory and attention of her boss.




Young, long blonde hair, tall, muscular, sunglasses, likeable and undeniably charming. He knows it and does nothing to hide it. Deep inside, however, he harbors a desperate insecurity: his charm is not matched by an equal professional ability. In private, he violently releases his frustration.




No longer young, short and a little stocky he is none the less a great instructor. His only flaw is his significant crookedness. Many times he’s had verbal and even physical confrontations with BM. No-one knows but his heart in in turmoil whenever he sees Scarlet.



Club member

An excellent player, he basically lives just for golf. Roland considers himself a great connoisseur of the subject and is highly opinionated. He comes across as very disagreeable as he dispenses advice and criticism to everyone without it being solicited. In addition, he does not accept loosing and is prone to employ tricks and diversions of all kinds in order to win. In this he is aided and abetted by the greenkeeper who makes himself available for a small fee.



Club members

The Baron is a real Baron. He is old and no-one knows his name. Rumour has it that his standing diminished many years ago. As an initial sponsor of the club he acquired the right to be a non-paying member until his contribution is repaid, that is, until the end of time. The Baron is always accompanied by Edward, his multipurpose butler. Edward receives just board and lodging but he knows that his master could not live without him and therefore remains by his side as a full time carer.




Cassoulet is simultaneously cook, waiter and bartender. He is a hard type certainly not refined in any way. His hallmarks are a cigarette between his lips and a permanent midnight shadow. He has been scarred by his past in the foreign legion. There he forged a strong friendship with Cup and it’s rumoured that he is the secret business partner.



Caddy master

Five parts whiskey, two of vermouth, a cherry and a drop of angostura, that’s what our caddy master is made of. He wouldn’t turn down other alcoholic concoctions, however. His perennial lack of lucidity can be confused with a calm and servile demeanor, but the reality is that he is completely indifferent. Sometimes he brings his nephew with him. The boy is following in his footsteps.



Club member

Her real name is unknown, everyone calls her BM. She’s used to this nickname, fortunately she doesn’t know that it’s short for Blabbermouth. BM is overweight, a bit grim with indefinable hair. Not known for her elegance, she is famous instead for malevolent gossip and violent outbursts. BM, even if she’d never admit it, would like to have a boyfriend by her side. For the moment the search has not been successful, but she hasn’t given up.




As a young man he aspired to become a great landscape artist. His vice for poker ruined him. He accumulated a mountain of debt during a tragic long night at the gaming table with Cup. The latter, showing great generosity, allowed him to repay the debt by offering him the position of greenkeeper. As well as being the sole greenkeeper he works with ancient tools and equipment. His pay is below union minimum but he tops this up by supporting Roland in his scams.



He certainly comes from distant Japan or, at least, this is what he wants us to think. Nobody has ever seen him play, he merely wanders among the players dispensing pearls of wisdom and Zen quotes, not always in a selfless manner.



Club member

The name is a bit of a give-away. In reality he should be a calm person but at the club he has become the object of various cons and scams, especially as one of Roland’s regular victims. There is a limit to his patience, and this was reached some time ago. Sparks will fly!



An elusive figure, he appears, strikes and absconds. He is a skilled equipment and clothing thief. His style is a combination of Batman and Zorro. It’s said that his activities are a revenge against Cup for ancient disagreements or monies never repaid. No-one knows where his ill-gotten gains end up. Some argue that he steals from the rich to give to the poor, difficult to believe however as it’s not clear exactly what the poor would do with these items.



Club member

The beautiful, young blonde of the club is the subject of much attention from other club members Even the instructors cannot resist her charms. She appears shy and detached, however she doesn’t lack a good dose of feminine malice. Warning: “Still waters run deep”.



The Scrublands also have their own Course Marshall. Hugo is a little rude, and at times can be vicious. He can’t stand undisciplined players ,particularly the sly ones. It’s not clear where he comes from, but it’s well known that he’s a distant relative of Monsieur Cup who helped him out of a dangerous rigged monopoly game ring. He’s a massive fan of the Blues Brothers and he can recite all the movie’s lines by heart.


Junior Club

She is for sure a product of high society. She is the only child of very rich parents who don’t shy away from displaying their wealth. Apparently she is obedient, well mannered and delightful. But in truth, as soon as she’s far from her posh family’s surveillance, she lets loose. She loses her polite manner and affected way of speaking, to become a rebel, ready to energetically revolt against any type of formality or hypocrisy . She has a poisonous tongue. She has many admirers whom she doesn’t even grace with a glance. The only one who gets her is Zac.


Junior Club

He is Manhattan’s nephew, but luckily he didn’t take after his uncle. He is a resourceful kid, after school he spends his time at the Scrublands. He is always willing to help out : in the kitchen, cleaning shoes, washing clubs and picking up golf balls. He saves up every penny he makes and his dream is to, one day, own his own golf club, where he can be the manager. He doesn’t feel inferior to his peers in the Junior Club. Among them his two dearest friends are Pinto and Vanessa. Towards the latter he has a secret and confused feeling which he attributes to love.


Junior Club

He spends most of his afternoons at the Scrublands, where he’s learning to play golf in the beginners’ group. His parents have two slightly older children, so they can relax a bit knowing they can always drop one of them off in a safe place. He is meek, and an easy going kid. He is always available to help and always up for a chat. His optimism doesn’t stop him from being an observant and sarcastic critic of the adult world. He is an example of rare humanity which you can always learn from. His best friend is Zac.



Don’t make the mistake of thinking that these things are inanimate objects. A golf course teems with nature that deliberately interferes with your game. So be careful and don’t be surprised if you hear them speaking.




This is the address of the Scrublands Golf Club, we’re waiting with open arms: criticisms, compliments, suggestions, various questions, encouraging words, ideas, invitations, solicitations, declarations, statements, reproaches, censures etc etc…We appreciate all feedback and will respond to everything.